I love meeting people and getting involved in new projects. If you think my experience could be relevant to what you’re doing, please get in touch!

Consulting & Freelancing

I provide consulting and hands-on freelancing services in the domains of data science and software development. Partial list of things I’m excited about:

  • Algorithms and optimizations
  • Translating experts’ domain knowledge and intuition into concrete methods and metrics
  • Designing ad-hoc models that make the most of little data (mostly because that involves designing custom metrics and coming up with creative ways of optimizing them)
  • Finding patterns in behavior
  • Creating interactive visualizations to explore complex data and interactions

Training & Mentoring

I love teaching - especially simplifying complex topics and creating tailored, engaging challenges and exercises. Whether you’re an individual seeking to level up their skills or a company looking to expand in new directions, I would love to be part of the process.


If you’re involved in a project or organization which could use my assistance, let me know - I might like to get involved too.

(Interesting) Problem solving

If you’ve got a really interesting problem, I might be persuaded to work on it in my free time. I do have my own list of interesting problems to slowly work through, but I’m always collecting more.

Let’s talk!

I’d be happy to chat and find out if I’m a good fit for you. Mail me at daniel@andersource.dev and let’s schedule!