Spraying Digital Graffiti

BFS zero-to-hero, part 5: the 15-puzzle

Solving a famous puzzle with BFS

BFS zero-to-hero, parts 3 & 4

Water jugs and fort escapes

Python Turtle Bingo

Write turtle code to recreate simple pictures

BFS zero-to-hero, part 2: snake

Part 2 of the BFS challenge series: automatic Snake player

BFS zero-to-hero, part 1: intro & maze

Starting a series of challenges on the application of the BFS algorithm

Procedural boiderflies

The exhaustive TODO List

Or: How I approach tasks I absolutely abhor

Interactive data exploration

Creating interactive data exploration utilities with dimensionality reduction and D3.js

Lasers in Space

Remote-friendly physical cooperation game developed in 24 hours for a hackathon

I can't let go of "The Dunning-Kruger Effect is Autocorrelation"

Organizing my thoughts regarding an argument about the Dunning-Kruger study and statistics in general

Wood-like texture generation and animation

Launching Checkerboard Programming

A small programming game I've been working on

Image color replacement with numerical optimization

Numerical Optimization course final project

The faulty digital clock problem

Telling the time with a faulty digital clock and constraint propagation

Generating an organic grid

Making Townscaper-style organic grids

Water jugs and BFS

Using graphs to solve puzzles

Procedural butterfly

Asking the right question

Exploring how different framings of the same supervised learning task affect model performance

The case for better-than-random splits

Exploring issues with random splits and possible solutions

A random night sky

Procedurally generating a random night sky

F-score Deep Dive

An alternative method for choosing beta in the F-score

Uncertainty Principle in software R&D

Advocating for caution when assigning too-precise estimates to R&D tasks

Using a mobile device as a rotation controller

Use your device's orientation sensors to rotate the Earth

Sampling arbitrary probability distributions

Transforming a uniform distribution to an arbitrary probability distribution

Fun with Matrix Exponentiation

Exploring the use of matrix exponentiation in graph-related problems